I write treatments with directors. This includes script and concept development, creative research and treatment design.  
My career path in the commercials production industry has given me a unique set of skills to help directors write winning treatments - whether it's for commercials, short films or feature length projects. I've been writing treatments full time since 2013, before that I was an Executive Producer with digital masterminds B-Reel. Earlier in my career I worked with the lovely Rogue Films, firstly in a sales and marketing capacity, and then as an EP. 
This experience has bestowed me with the ability to form excellent relationships with directors. This is at the heart of what I do. I am passionate about advertising and I enjoy writing, but above all, I love developing ideas and working creatively with directors.  Pitching is not only about winning the job, it's where great commercials originate.  How I work and what I do relates directly to the director's needs. However busy a director is, I am there to ensure that a great treatment is delivered on time.
As an EP I was present in many agency and client meetings, as well as on set during production, so I have a great understanding of what both the agency and the client are looking for in a treatment, and from a commercial.  
I write across all genres - comedy, cars, drama, documentary, fashion, interactive, lifestyle, sport and visual. I also do visual research and layouts so I am able to create the entire treatment if required. 
Questions?  Take a look at the FAQ or contact me on +44 (0)7752 737955 or mail@philippasallen.com






    +44 (0)7752 737955