What about confidentiality?  
​​I work with absolute confidentiality.  I do not discuss projects with other directors, production companies or agencies. Other than me, only my three year old son knows what I'm working on.  
Who do you work with? 
​​Nice try. But I can tell you that I've written awarded treatments for brands including: Facebook, Guinness, Virgin, Ikea, Lexus, Samsung, VW, Tesco, BMW, Gucci, H&M, LandRover, Jaguar, HSBC, KFC, Verizon, Mercedes, Nissan, Vodafone, Toyota and Rolex. I work with directors from all over the world, but I only write in English. It is no problem if English isn't the first language for a director, it is part of the job to ensure that the treatment is written in the director's voice.   
What do you mean by 'creative consultant'? 
I use that term because what I do isn't simply writing up directors' ideas. I like to have involved conversations with the director about the creative approach, the storyline, techniques, performance, and scene ideas.  I'm there to assist and provoke the director to make the most out of every script.  
What if the director is busy shooting or overseas?
​Most of the directors I work with are very busy with commercials or feature films. It doesn't prevent us from creating a knockout treatment. It's irrelevant where they are.  As long as we can Skype, call or email, I can make it work.
What if the director isn't used to working with a writer?
Many directors I work with had never used a writer before, and yet most of them are now regular clients. The director controls how we work together - I tailor my approach according to their needs.  
What if the deadline is more ridiculous than usual?
​Don't worry. Weekends don't exist in my world.  If you have a script in on Friday afternoon and the agency want a treatment for Monday morning - I can do it.  
Do you understand production and shooting techniques? 
​Yes. I wouldn't do this job if I didn't. I understand and can write about all stages of production, as well as cinematic language: camera techniques, lighting, editing and post-production.  
What about rates? 
I work on a project by project basis.  Usually I charge per treatment, not per day.  If you would like to know more please email mail@philippasallen.com or call me +44 (0)7752 737955. 
Do you have any references or samples? 
Please email me if you would like to see some samples of my work.  As for references there are three emails that I've received from directors that really stand out: One from an Oscar winning director, "We won the job! The creative director described the treatment as 'incredible'. Thank you." Another says, "You are by far and away the best treatment writer I have ever had...you have poured a tonne of great ideas into this." And lastly, "Fuck you're good."  











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